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How can I keep my Croton Plant from losing leaves?

I have a Croton Plant and no matter where i put it in my house it drops leaves all the time. Almost everyday when I come home from work a leaf is on the ground. The plant is starting to look rather sad and I really want to bring it back. Can anyone please help me. Thanks,

How can I keep my Croton Plant from losing leaves?
Make sure the plant is not in a draft ( to include coming from the furnace ). Crotons don't like drafts.

I've had mine for 20 years. It stays in my living room about three feet from a south facing window. I call it Goliath because it is so big. It doesn't color up because it doesn't have enough sun but it is healthy and the leaves are a beautiful dark green with chartruese on them like paint splatters.

The plant drops a few leaves twice a year but otherwise holds its' foliage.

In 20 years I have never seen one bug on it. It is one of my most robust houseplants.
Reply:your watering it too much.when a plant starts to drop its leaves like that your over watering it.put your finger in about 1/2 inch if the soil is dry water it if not leave it alone.thats the knew rule for the plant if you want to save your plant you must do this.
Reply:crotons are sun loving plants. it will surely loose its leaves if kept indoors too long. aside from that, colored leaves tend to revert back to green. aphid infestation is likely to happen also. hope this would help you
Reply:What color are the leaves when they fall off? In most house plants there are several reasons for plants to loose their leaves.

1.If they curl and fall - too little heat, over-watering, or cold droughts.

2.New plants will often loose lower leaves if are moved from room to room.

3.leaves dry up and fall - too little light, too much heat or under-watering.

4. leaves turn yellow and fall - over-watering or cold droughts.

Give the plant time to adjust to an area. Make sure they are in the right size pot. And don't place near a vent where heat or air directly hits them.
Reply:lots of good answers above me so I'll just add

a lot of the plants that are produced commercially are planted in soilless mix that wears out. When this happens the water just runs through it and puts stress on the plant. Make sure that the soil is retaining water. You can add soil to the pot a good brand not a cheapy one. Pack it in around the edges. A lot of times this will help a newly acquired plant. Also sometimes there is an accumulation of water at the bottom of decorative containers so always make sure plants aren't sitting in water.

by the way , waiting on spring should be picked for the top answer, most practical hopeful one given.
Reply:Crotons are actually difficult plants to keep inside. They prefer very bright light and lots of humidity, neither of which is a normal indoor condition. They're also very susceptible to a number of pests, most notably mites and mealy bugs.

If you live just about anywhere north and west of Florida or southeastern Texas, you probably won't have a lot of luck keeping a Croton at its best. If you live in the West in any sort of desert, just give up now.

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